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Development of a mobile directory of Moscow

A task:

Develop a quick and convenient directory of organizations in Moscow with the definition of geolocation, subscription to news and building a route.


4 months


$ 27,692

Development of a mobile directory of Moscow

What have we done?

We took Yandex Maps and their public API as the basis for the map, added our own stickers and icons of organizations in the style of the application design.

The application was written in React Native, it turned out to be a really fast and powerful reference book that is capable of processing more than 1,000,000 database requests per second, with absolutely no friezes, lags, or delays.

The correct structure and architecture of the application made it possible to add new organizations completely automatically, with a convenient administrative panel and assigned roles for managers.

Users of the application can find the nearest police department or judicial district, or a McDonald's branch, as well as subscribe to the news and notifications of this company, leave comments and feedback, and communicate with company representatives.

What about monetization?

The customer monetizes the application by adding new companies for a fee, as well as a small monthly fee for companies that have added more than ten branches.

Customer feedback

I express my gratitude to you and your team for the development of the mobile directory. I wish you prosperity and prosperity!

25 screens

2 platforms

94,000 installs on the first day

140,000 daily active users