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Development of a touch application for Zaryadye Park

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    Project development time

    4 months

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    Project's budget

    $ 14,769

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    Development date

    2020 year

Objective of the project

Create information and reference terminals for tourists in Zaryadye Park.


Zaryadye Park - after reconstruction, it turned into a huge 13ga green recreation area for Muscovites and tourists, designed for a flow of 15 million visitors a year. At the main waypoints, we have placed interactive touch panels with which you can build a route, find out your current location, view all the important tourist sites in Moscow.

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Develop an application with support for 14 QR codes


Implementation and customization API Yandex.card

Platform: Windows 7 / 10, Linux

Bit depth: x86 (32-bit) / x64 (64-bit)

CPU: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7, Intel Pentium

Video adapter: Intel HD, nVidia, AMD / ATI

Video memory: 512Mb

RAM: 4Gb

Hard drive: 64Gb

Controller: USB

Internet: Broadband access for clients to access the virtual server


Zaryadye is a modern park for recreation, entertainment and learning, created by an international team of architects, engineers, landscape designers and other experts. Here nature and technology, education and entertainment, history and modernity combine and complement each other.

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Our command

We were faced with the task of developing an interactive application for the touch panels of Zaryadye Park. And we did great with it.

  • Daria Urovenko

    Daria Urovenko

    Project manager

  • Denis Polyarush

    Denis Polyarush

    Front developer

  • Maxim Zhilenkov

    Maxim Zhilenkov

    Back developer

  • Vlad Bekasov

    Vlad Bekasov



The Java Script framework vue.js was chosen as the front part. The basis of the backend is laravel (PHP).


Preparation of working documentation and drawings

The well-thought-out logic of the application behavior is the key to the convenience and ease of use. Prototypes shown to the focus group, a competent User story - allowed us to create a really convenient product.

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Administrative panel

A functional and powerful admin panel allows you to upload text and media content, manage applications from a single central unit.



In 2020, the park was visited by 15 million visitors. Our application is also used by foreign tourists and guests of the capital, we hope that this way they will be able to get to know our beloved Moscow better.

Questions and answers

Have you encountered any difficulties in the development of the project?

Maxim Zhilenkov, vue.js programmer: In general, we had only one problem - timing. It was necessary to have time to hand over the project before the official opening, a little less than two months. But we made it.

Why was vue.js chosen?

Modern, fast, adaptive - this is how I would describe our choice. Vue.js + laravel is our enterprise stack, we have passed over 15 similar applications on it.

Customer feedback

On behalf of the Zaryadye Park State Agrarian Institution of Moscow, we express our gratitude to the Crocoapps studio for developing software for the park's touch panels. All tasks were completed on time, with a high level of professionalism. The application fully meets modern requirements for a tourist IT product.

Deputy Director Zanikov Maxim Vladimirovich

December 25, 2020