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Development of the Pole.plus aggregator

Project's budget $ 53,846

Time spent on the project 6 months

Year of development 2020


The aggregator is aimed at the audience of the b2b agricultural market, where companies involved in various areas, such as logistics, production and processing, will be able to find contact with each other several times faster than they do now. The site is also attractive because it allows any company, regardless of its size and location, to find a connection with its potential customers.


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    Potential coverage of the entire b2b agricultural market

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    Simplify communication between seller and buyer

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    Possibility of real-time monitoring of the activities of companies


Implement a platform for the provision of services in the agricultural sector, taking into account the specific features of the market.


We were faced with the task of creating a platform with unique functionality while maintaining the corporate identity. It was also necessary to provide for a high degree of data protection. After brainstorming, they chose Laravel as a PHP framework and Vue.js on the front.

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Wholesale base of building materials. Provision of warehousing and logistics services.


Our command

We were faced with the task of creating a website with unique functionality while maintaining the corporate identity. It was also necessary to provide a high degree of data protection.

  • Daria Udovenko



    Project manager

  • Anna Zabolotnaya




  • Sergey Zhidel



    PHP Developer

  • Denis Polyarush


    Polar Rush

    Front developer

  • Mais Gushkyan



    PHP Developer

  • Andrey Radyshevsky



    Front developer

  • Sergei Shkarubsky



    QA tester

User story

  • Registration

  • Create a company and add employees

  • Assigning roles to employees

  • Chat between seller and customer

  • Making a deal


First of all, this is the only modern platform in its field. The ability to publish not only supply lots, but also demand, the ability to monitor with notifications. Our designers have tried to make the process of solving the problems of buying and selling using the service much faster and more convenient.

  • Registration
  • Main page
  • Lots page
  • Personal Area
  • Delivery

Open registration for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. When registering as a legal entity, simply enter the TIN or OGRN and the system will find and fill in the details of the enterprise itself, and when expanding the staff, invite employees of your company in just one click. Customizable functionality for dividing personnel into groups allows you to finely distribute duties and divide areas of responsibility between employees of your company.


The main page of the portal contains all the latest material from all the most important categories. The information is presented structurally and concisely, the user does not need to go through several levels of nesting to get to the section of interest to him. PS We also took care of new users and added a very handy video guide to all the available functionality right on the main page of the site.


Create and search, buy and sell, track changes in the lots you are interested in. Interact with your counterparty in real time, decide here and now all the terms of a future deal using a convenient chat system designed specifically for pole.plus. Portal users can not only create lots for sale or purchase, but also monitoring. Wide functionality and customizable search options guarantee the most efficient and accurate search for goods and services.


Get access to all the necessary working documentation, photo and video materials from the personal account page. Convenient grouping will keep everything in one place and eliminate the need to switch between services. Share all the necessary materials in one click.


Having made a deal for the purchase / sale, find the delivery vehicle without leaving the pages of the site. Just specify the loading point and unloading point, and, if desired, complete the list of requirements using a flexible filter system. By specifying the desired requirements, the user can publish a lot or mass notify all potential executors by pressing just one button.

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Project description

Site aggregator in the agricultural industry. Functional and modern site. For example, the chat automatically groups all users who contact you by lots. One of the features is the observer mode - the company administrator always sees the correspondence of responsible employees by lot, which saves a lot of time on internal communication, because the manager is always aware of current affairs. In addition, it allows the owner of the lot to quickly respond to possible shortcomings in the description. The second feature is the ads in the chat. The owner of the lot can write a message to all interested parties at once, while group chats will not be created.

Convenient interface

Working with goods and services is always accompanied by both media files demonstrating the subject of conversation, and document flow. We tried to eliminate the need for the user of our site to switch between different services and provided the ability to quickly access all the necessary materials using a simple and convenient interface.

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One of the complex modules was monitoring. A successful attempt to collect a whole range of solutions into one entity, many different details, selection options, both separately rendered and connected into one, posed a difficult task for the team. But we did!



The Pole website is an effective tool that facilitates communication in the b2b agricultural market, allowing you to establish almost instant contact between the buyer and the seller.

Acting as a key link in a complex chain of interaction leading to the sale and purchase of goods, the provision of services, the pule.plus website greatly simplifies the search for what you need, increasing the efficiency of sales of companies in the field.

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What technologies were affected during development?

PHP with Laravel framework is used on the server side, data is stored in MySQL BD. Client-side JavaScript with the Nuxt.js framework. For interactivity of such applications as chat, monitoring of lots and companies, we used Redis and Echo server on websockets.

What was the most time spent on?

A lot was spent on the Notice Board, since it was originally planned that it would be a separate functionality, and later, on the advice of the developers themselves and with your consent, all similar pages were merged with the board, which of course had a positive effect on usability and site mapping for clients. The new design of this part of the application has also slightly but still made its own adjustments.

Were there any difficulties in writing the project?

Well, where without them, of course, they were) but the Internet or our ubiquitous team leader always comes to the rescue. The main problems arose when creating a chat taking into account the statuses sent, delivered, read, send documents both from the user's profile and from the computer. Registration of new companies also turned out to be a non-trivial task. By the way, many tasks related to third-party APIs traditionally took time, but as far as I know, all tasks were invested in the deadline.

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Customer feedback

We express our gratitude to the AppFox studio for developing our multifunctional platform for entrepreneurs. The site fully meets the initial requirements. It is clear, convenient and useful for users. The work was carried out quickly, without a hitch. All participants in the process showed a high level of professionalism.

Vyacheslav I.

May 30, 2022