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Legal services aggregator

Site development
  • Project's budget

    $ 14,615
  • Time spent on the project

    4 months
  • Year of development

The KLERIC.RU project is essentially a legal services aggregator site, or, as it is also called, a modern market place.


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One of the popular bundles of two frameworks Laravel and Vue.js is fast, affordable, convenient. Due to the flexible approach to development, there are no restrictions on the site, which usually occur when developing on engines.


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    The site is focused on a wide target audience, so we have provided the ability to work with all types of devices - one of the main requirements put forward by the customer.

Administrative panel

  • Very powerful, fast and comfortable. Like all our administrative panels. Our own developments allow us to create unique technical solutions that allow us to administer sites not only on a par with engines like Bitrix and Wordpress, but also far surpass them.
    admin panel
  • Want to edit HTML code? Please. Need to edit in visual editor mode? No problem.
    admin panel
  • Formally, there is no text on the site that cannot be changed through our administration panel.
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Our command

Two developers, a designer and a project manager worked on the project:
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    Misha Ge┼ża

    Frontend developer
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    Bogdan Murkovic

    Backend developer
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    Tanchuk Daria

    2D designer
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    Alexey Naryzhny

    Project manager


  • If you were asked to highlight the most difficult components to implement, what would you mark?
    Bogdan Murkovich, laravel developer: Of course, the admin panel. In the Kleric.ru project, it is very voluminous and complex; in terms of labor costs, it took half the time from the development of the entire site.
  • How much does it cost to develop a legal aggregator website?
    Alexey Naryzhny, project manager: If we discard some individual requirements in design and non-standard wishes for site navigation, then the required amount of hours varies from 800 to 1500 hours of development. Everyone has different rates, in our studio the project cost the customer less than 1 million rubles.
Customer feedback

Customer feedback

This is the third time I have contacted Appfox, together we have already managed to develop two games - River Raft and Cyber ​​Arena. I think that this agency is the golden mean between price and quality.
Antonov E.A.
Date 22.05.2020