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Project steps

Porting a finished application or game to another platform always requires significant code development, and sometimes interface and graphics changes. Conventionally, porting can be divided into the following steps.


Introduction to the project, technical and marketing analytics.

We are processing your request, studying the product. We consider the best options for transferring to the required devices and operating systems.
We try not just to launch an existing project on another platform. We fully adapt the software to the new environment. Controlling gameplay from a smartphone screen, a PC keyboard, or a console gamepad varies considerably. Our team takes this into account and reworks the games so that the user feels as comfortable as possible.
When porting, it is also important to pay attention to the speed and fault tolerance of the program.


Compilation of TOR, budget calculation.

We take full responsibility for writing the terms of reference. We calculate the necessary costs, plan the payback of the project.
Our company works according to the Scrum system. This allows you to clearly set the deadlines for the implementation of specific development stages and provide the customer with intermediate results on time.


Porting directly.

We optimize the software code for new platforms. We finalize the design if necessary.
We organize porting to Android, iOS, browser environment, console, PC. We work with Unity, Unreal Engine, Vue.js and other technologies.


Project testing.

Perform automatic and manual tests. We catch all technical and semantic bugs. We involve in testing users who are not directly involved in the development of the game or application.
This stage determines how users will see the project in the end. The first impression spoiled due to mistakes is difficult to correct in the future. Therefore, the product must initially work correctly and without “brakes”.


Release, maintenance.

We post software to marketplaces. At the request of the client, we provide services for the promotion of applications - ASO. We provide technical support after porting the game on all platforms.

A phased approach allows you to control all changes in the project in order to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner to achieve the best result.

Porting cost

A number of factors affect the price of a service:

  • platforms to work with - their number, complexity, availability;
  • portable software features;
  • the need to redesign the game or application;
  • urgency of execution;
  • additional services - promotion, maintenance, licensing.

To find out the specific amount in your case, please contact our manager. During the day, he will answer the received application, ask additional questions and take the project to work. In a few days you will receive a ready estimate.


  • What guarantees do you provide?

    All rights and obligations of the parties are prescribed in a formal contract. We are fully responsible for the quality of the services provided.

  • Do I retain the rights to the software?

    Yes. After completion of the work, we completely transfer the source code, AppStore, PlayMarket accounts and other accesses to the customer.

  • What are the features of porting a game from iOS to Android?

    The two major mobile platforms use different programming languages with different approaches. For Android, these are Java and Kotlin, and for iOS, Swift and Objective-C. The operating system from Google is used on many devices from third-party manufacturers, which makes it very difficult to adapt the software. Apple gadgets are standardized. In addition, UI/UX design requirements may differ for AppStore and PlayMarket.

  • What platforms are the most profitable, what should you optimize for?

    This question cannot be answered unambiguously. It all depends on the subject of your product and the characteristics of the target audience. Games on mobile devices are popular among the younger age group of users. The PC and web versions are common among a wider range of gamers in terms of demographics. But still, mobile platforms have been bypassing other options in terms of profitability for several years.

  • Do you work with web versions of applications?

    Yes, we believe that browser games are a promising direction for gamedev.

  • Is technology transfer possible?

    Yes. Our team carries out porting games to unity and other systems. We'll also help you determine which platforms and languages are best for your needs.


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