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SMM promotion

Our studio has been engaged in SMM promotion since 2009, has more than eighty promotion cases and knows exactly what SMM strategy to choose for your business. To order promotion in social networks, fill out an online application or call the phone number in the header of the site. We know how to make money on SMM promotion in social networks and are ready to cooperate with you in any field.

  • Promotion in all social networks: Vkontakte / Facebook / Odnoklassniki / Instagram / Youtube.
  • No offers and bots. Only live and targeted visitors to your pages and sites.
  • SMM strategy combined with tracking by key indicators through Roistat.

10 000 rubles / month

Business promotion in social networks

Promoting a business on VKontakte and promoting a business on Instagram, with the right approach, is guaranteed to make a profit. Depending on the B2B or B2C sector, a social media promotion strategy is determined. Content strategy is just an addition to the main form - advertising. For example, we promote VKontakte with promo posts in the post promotion format.

The main SMM services of our company:

  • VK promotion
  • Facebook promotion
  • Instagram promotion
  • YouTube promotion

Promotion or promotion of the VKontakte group - the price depends on the amount of work of the specialist. 30 posts per month, work with the exchange, community design and online customer support costs 10,000 rubles per month. SMM promotion also includes targeted advertising, promotional posts, viral publications and much more.

SMM Moscow

Facebook page promotion (Facebook) includes Facebook group promotion and Facebook ads. In general, traffic from the Facebook social network is more expensive, but the audience is also more mature and wealthy. A click can reach from 3 to 15 rubles, depending on the niche and target audience. SMM Media in capable hands always brings only profit to your business.

SMM / SMM agency

Smm promotion in social networks will allow your business to earn money in non-standard ways. For example, the presence or so-called touch of your target audience will increase loyalty and trust in your company when a customer makes a purchase decision.

Promotion in SMM networks is possible only with high-quality service and goods, since it is the possibility of sharing and live communication that makes promotion through social networks so popular. To see the feedback of your friends or colleagues about your company, and not fictional characters - only such motivation will give guaranteed results.

Order SMM promotion

It is worth mentioning separately that Instagram advertising has its own characteristics and narrower targeting, so promotion on Instagram can only be trusted by professionals, otherwise there is a risk of wasting the budget. The advertising account is shared with a Facebook business account, this has its advantages - use them when promoting on Instagram.

There are many ways to promote Instagram. We only use white. No bots, cheats and motivating subscriptions. Crocoapps Studio assumes obligations and guarantees for promotion of Instagram account.

Since 2013, our SMM company Crocoapps has been organizing SMM courses. For this, a special school for social media workers was created in Moscow, in which we conduct training and, as a result, we issue a certificate of a specialist in promotion in social networks. For children from the regions, we conduct personal training on Skype and send a certificate by mail. The cost of the course is twelve thousand rubles. The term of study is three months.

You can leave an application to the SMM school by calling the phone number in the site header or by mail crocoapps.com