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We create a working version of the product in a short time.

MVP is a minimum viable product. It fully reflects the idea being implemented and has a complete UI / UX design. But MVP contains only the necessary basic functions, without “bells and whistles”. This approach to development allows you to release the project to the market in a few months and immediately assess the response of the audience. In the future, the product is being finalized based on the results of such “live” tests.


Saving the budget.

Step-by-step development of a program or application reduces customer costs by minimizing possible errors and eliminating the need to redo initially unsuccessful decisions.


Let's organize marketing.

Our studio offers promotion in search and marketplaces, launch of contextual advertising and SMM. Consultations on the development of a startup strategy are possible.


Making the first profit.

MVP quickly brings the project to payback, preparing the platform for receiving new funds for investment.

How we work


Introducing the project.

After receiving your application, we initiate negotiations. At a face-to-face or online meeting, we discuss the vision of the project, estimate the required amount of work. Further, having received the necessary information, our manager makes an approximate calculation of the budget for software development.



When developing a startup plan, our studio uses the SCRUM system. According to it, the total pool of work is divided into small connected sections - sprints. Each team member is assigned a role, based on which he receives tasks. At the end of each sprint, a performance review is conducted. Intermediate results are shown to the customer.


Design development.

A designer first makes low-detailed interface prototypes based on competitor references. After one of the options is approved, details are added to the layout.



We select the programming language based on the specifics of the project - the required functions, the platform to use, etc.
Throughout the entire project, the team leader controls the work of the team in order to prevent errors in the code in a timely manner.


Product testing.

Using manual and automated tests, we catch all possible “bugs”.


Customization and support.

After the release of the program, we study the user's reaction and make improvements. As a result, we create a competitive, profitable digital product. As part of additional services, we organize marketing, analytics.

What can we create


Mobile apps.

We organize the development of software of any complexity for Android and iOS. Let's think over the logic of user interaction with the interface. Let's set up the server side.

Our projects:

  • REplatforms - a social network of realtors and their clients, which has all the functions for real estate transactions;
  • FoodBand - a convenient application for ordering food;
  • 3d Bricks is an application for a facing brick manufacturer that helps the user calculate the required amount of material and choose the color of the facing.


We create games for mobile, PC, browsers. We work with VR and AR technologies. The main development platforms are Unity and Unreal Engine.
We can completely take over the writing of game design or program the game according to your scenario.

Our projects:

  • Heroes - a turn-based fantasy strategy with ample opportunities for leveling characters;
  • The battle of gladiators is a network project with photorealistic graphics and thoughtful gameplay, based on PvP battles in arenas in the ancient Roman style;
  • Starcraft VR is a virtual reality game using free-roaming technology - Antilatency Tracker.

Business software.

We develop software to increase sales and increase audience loyalty. We help optimize business processes in the company.

Our projects:

  • Ecobusiness is a team building application created specifically for Sberbank PJSC and is a series of games for working out various situations in communicating with clients;
  • A game for touch panels, developed by order of the Utkonos hypermarket - a short platform game with branded elements, after passing which the buyer can receive a discount coupon;

Sites and web apps.

We make online resources on any management systems and frameworks. We organize website promotion in search engines.

Our projects:

  • kleric.ru - a marketplace of services that brings together professional lawyers and potential clients;
  • pole.plus - aggregator for the sale of goods for representatives of the agricultural market;
  • Texter is a web application for working with typography and translating plain text into html code.


  • How much does an MVP application cost?

    It all depends on the type of work, volume and complexity of tasks. The minimum price tag starts in the region of 300-500 thousand rubles, but in some cases the amount can be many times more.

  • How long does development take?

    The first version of the software can be assembled in 2-3 months, sometimes in half a year. Next comes the improvement of the basic solution.

  • What will be required from me as a customer?

    The more information you provide, the faster and better the development will be. Our staff will help with choosing visual references or writing text materials, but putting forward the main ideas and making the final decisions is up to you.

  • What are the benefits of an MVP?

    This type of development allows you to gradually add new features and "chips" to the main, test version of the product. Plus, you immediately see the reaction of users and can quickly make the necessary changes to the software.

  • Are your programmers experienced enough to run my project?

    Our studio employs mainly middle + and senior level specialists with dozens of successfully implemented projects behind them. You can get acquainted with fresh cases in the “Portfolio” section.

  • Do you provide programmers for outstaff?

    Yes, this format of cooperation is possible.


Application development application

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