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Types of presentations


Interactive videos.

This is not just a promotional video. This is a complete information environment with which the user can interact while browsing. Such promotional material requires careful study - shell selection, programming, creation of 2d and 3d graphics, interface drawing, etc.


Content for touch panels.

Presentations of this type are often used at exhibitions and seminars. Visitors control content through the touchscreen, completely immersed in the information presented. The complexity of development depends on the hardware and operating system on which the videos or slides will be played.


Programs for phones, tablets.

In terms of functionality, these materials are similar to the previous ones. But users interact with them through their usual gadgets, which is quite convenient. A mobile interactive 3d presentation is uploaded to the AppStore or Play Store as an application that needs to be downloaded to start viewing the material.


Web presentations.

In fact, this is a promo site designed to attract the attention of the audience and get new leads.

Benefits of Interactive Presentations



According to research, users interact on average 3-5 minutes longer with interactive marketing materials than with regular ones.



With the help of 3D content, you can “show the product with its face”. The user will examine the models with interest, choose the available functions and study your offer in every possible way.


Brightness, dynamism.

Interactive presentations on interactive whiteboards are remembered for their colorfulness. They allow you to stand out from competitors, convey an individual style to the message.



Multimedia presentations are not only pictures or videos. If desired, you can add forms for collecting contact data, the ability for the user to request a promotional code, and other functions that increase conversions.



The user himself watches the content at a convenient time for him, without the participation of a company employee.

Stages of work on the project


Processing requests.

We receive a request from you by phone, e-mail or through the feedback form on the website. The manager will contact you to clarify the details of the project.
In the first step, it is important to clarify three key questions - what, where and when. It is necessary to clearly outline the message of the presentation, how to demonstrate it, and also set the deadline for the completion of the project.


Platform selection.

The functionality of the equipment on which the promotional material will be displayed depends on its functionality. Sometimes content needs to be adapted for multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.


Preparation of technical specifications.

ToR is a guide to action for designers, programmers and other employees involved in the project. In addition, based on the terms of reference, the budget for the development of an interactive presentation is calculated.
To create a more accurate TOR, our company usually conducts additional market and target audience research.


Script writing.

We prescribe the general content of the promotional material, draw up an interaction map. Preparing text content.
At this stage, it is desirable to obtain from the customer as much information as possible about the company, its products or services.


Design creation.

Perhaps the most important part of the job. The main effect of an interactive video is produced by the visual. Our designers carefully work out the objects, animation and presentation interface, based on the overall marketing concept.



Making an interactive presentation truly interactive is impossible without writing code. Our specialists develop projects in php, Python, Java and other languages. We have experience with touch panels, mobile operating systems, web environments and virtual reality glasses.


Sound design.

If necessary, we select musical accompaniment, organize the voice acting of the material by the announcer.


Testing, launch.

We check the work of the final product by automatic and manual methods. Fixing possible bugs. At the request of the customer, we organize focus groups to test the material on real users.

Presentation development cost

The cost of creating an interactive presentation consists of:

  • volume of processed material;
  • the complexity of the operating system under which development is being carried out;
  • urgency of production;
  • the cost of finished assets when they are used;
  • the need for additional work - research, voice acting, etc.

To find out the exact amount, contact the AppFox manager for advice. After a preliminary consultation, within a few working days, we will prepare a detailed estimate for the project for you.

Question answer

  • Is it possible to adapt the project for different platforms?

    Yes. We port materials to any operating systems - including mobile and terminal ones.

  • Is it possible to make a presentation in virtual reality?

    Of course. VR will give your potential buyers and partners a new experience of interacting with promotional content. AppFox studio has experience in developing projects for the most popular helmets - HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. These devices are most often used for demonstrations of marketing materials at exhibitions and conferences.

  • What technologies do you use?

    We create graphics in Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max and Maya. The technical part of the interactive 3D presentation is done using C#, Java, Python and other development environments.

  • What guarantees do you provide?

    All our obligations as a performer are fixed in a formal contract.

  • How long does it take to create a project?

    It is difficult to answer this question without at least approximate input data. On average, development takes from three weeks to three months. If you provide ready-made visual materials, the time is significantly reduced.

  • What is the best way to start a project?

    The interactive presentation system is selected based on your requirements. For mass, web and mobile platforms are suitable. Exclusive materials are made for touchscreens and VR helmets, which have their own technical characteristics.


Application development application

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