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Apple TV development

The rapidly growing Apple TV set-top box opens up new horizons for doing business. As for the iPhone, which is more familiar to the domestic user, there are hundreds of different programs for the Apple media set-top box.

When developing, programmers should consider the specifics of the device and its use. It is important to understand that, unlike the iPhone, the extender will not provide a constant connection with the user.

  • Contact with the client through the prefix.
  • Growth of competitiveness.
  • Increasing the number of sales.

From 550 000 rubles

Benefits of creating a program

Today, no reputable company can do without a corporate website. The same situation is observed in the market of mobile applications and programs for apple tv.

The range of opportunities that enterprise software development opens up can be surprising:

  1. Contact with the client through the prefix.
  2. Growing competitiveness.
  3. Increased sales.
  4. New marketing opportunities.

At the same time, the platform can be upgraded at any time. Thus, you will always stay in touch with thousands of potential customers, conduct mailings and promotions.