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iOS software development

Today, a significant proportion of smartphone buyers prefer Apple products. Therefore, the creation of a mobile application, which involves the development of programs for ios, remains a promising direction.

  • Growth of the target audience.
  • Rapid growth in sales.
  • Automation of the company.

From 350 000 rubles

Creating a virtual platform to promote a business or startup will undoubtedly bring the expected benefits. This service will provide:

  1. Increase in target audience.
  2. Strong sales growth
  3. Customer interaction 24/7.
  4. Opening new marketing horizons.
  5. Automate the work of the company.

Moreover, it is possible to create original, narrowly focused programs that cannot work on the base engines.

New Application Creation Path

In order for the result to meet the client's expectations, our specialists conduct a detailed customer survey, from which they find out what the customer specifically wants. Further, the creation of the application goes to the analysis department, where a detailed study of the client's business and its structure takes place. Thanks to this, you can make a design and a list of basic and additional commands that the device should respond to. After that, a team of programmers takes over the work, which prescribes commands in the form of code, which are the basis for creating an application. At the final stage, the demo version of the finished application for a mobile device is being demonstrated to the customer.

Work specifics

Programming for iOS has its own specifics, since the development of an application that must have certain features requires following Apple standards. A quality application should be created by a person who has studied these requirements in detail. Otherwise, the product may be rejected by the App Store.