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The difference between aggregators and regular sites

An online store or corporate website, as a rule, belongs to one owner. With the help of such a resource, a business or an individual realizes its goals - increasing sales, attracting the attention of visitors, etc.
An aggregator is a site where users - companies or individuals - post their offers to sell goods and services. The portal administrator is not engaged in retail. He earns by displaying ads or by paid subscriptions for using the service. At the same time, the resource owner ensures content moderation and stable operation of all site functionality.

The most famous examples of aggregators are the Avito ad site and the Ozon marketplace. But there are also smaller sites. For example, portals for representatives of the agricultural market or city directories.
Running an aggregator requires extensive, resilient server resources. The more popular the site becomes, the more information is loaded on it, the traffic grows more actively. Working portals always need technical support.
SEO aggregator is different from the promotion of a regular site. It focuses less on external links and more on content, technical and behavioral factors.

How can we help

Here are just a few reasons to order an aggregator from us.


We will develop UI/UX design.

For a portal to become popular and profitable, it must first of all be user-friendly. Our designers carefully work out user paths on the site, making them accessible and understandable.


Let's choose a control system.

The functionality, performance and stability of the resource depends on the CMS. For the development of web portals, we recommend using self-written framework-based management systems. But sometimes you can use ready-made solutions - Bitrix or Wordpress.


Prepare your site for SEO.

The main task of a SEO specialist when working with large portals is to maintain the technical and content part of the resource in the best possible condition. Our programmers initially build the site in such a way that no broken links appear on it, meta tags are not duplicated, and other structural problems do not arise.


We will provide technical support.

Aggregators require constant development. AppFox Studio is ready to work on improving the resource together with you, promptly responding to all incoming requests.

Development cost

The price of the portal consists of the following items:

  • volume, complexity of work;
  • used content management system;
  • the need to integrate third-party services;
  • urgency of development;
  • connection of additional services - research, marketing, etc.

The exact cost of developing the portal can be calculated by our manager after you leave a request.
We offer outsourcing or outstaff work. The chosen method of cooperation determines the scope of delegated work and, accordingly, the final price of the service.

Stages of creating sites and aggregators


Analytics and planning.

We study the subject of the portal. We conduct marketing and seo-audit of competitors. We analyze the target audience of the project.
Based on the collected information, we draw up the structure of the future site, describe the functions and services that need to be added to the site.
At the first stage of cooperation, we also plan and approve the budget for the creation of the site with the customer.


Preparation of technical specifications.

We prescribe a pool of specific tasks for the development of the aggregator, break it into sprints with an indication of the planned execution dates. Distribute roles in the team.
We conduct projects using the SCRUM system. This allows us to always meet the deadlines for the delivery of work and strictly control the quality of the product.
To set and accept tasks, our employees use the internal task tracker AppTask.


Design development.

Portal visual starts with prototypes. First of all, the designer draws a layout with low detail. Its task is to show how work areas will be distributed on the screen, how interface elements will interact with each other. Next, a highly detailed prototype is created, which reflects the color scheme and the general style of the interface.
After the mockups are approved with the customer, the manager sends them to layout.



We write code, install software modules, integrate third-party services. We organize secure data storage and uninterrupted communication with the server.



Finding and fixing errors in the site infrastructure. We carry out load tests. We open the site in trial mode for a limited number of users to evaluate the usability of the resource.


Launch and support.

After the delivery of the main works, we begin the promotion and support of the portal under a separate agreement. We organize SEO, contextual advertising. We conduct traffic and conversion analytics. At the request of the customer, we make the necessary improvements to the site.

We guarantee high quality

Among the main advantages of AppFox:

  • middle and senior level specialists with at least 5 years of experience in IT;
  • a well-thought-out system of planning and execution of tasks;
  • a guarantee for the work performed, prescribed in the contract;
  • adequate rates for man-hours of work of employees, due to cost savings;
  • quick answers from the project manager to all your questions.

Sites aggregators made in our studio:

  • like visitors;
  • occupy high positions in search engines;
  • convert well;
  • do not “fall” with increasing load;
  • are easily upgraded.

Contact AppFox to order a portal that brings a stable income!

Question answer

  • What ways to monetize aggregators exist?

    Directories and information sites earn income by displaying ads to visitors from the Yandex Advertising Network and other contextual systems. A paid subscription to certain content is also possible. Industry platforms where users post their offers can earn on paid promotion of records or voluntary donations.

  • Do you help in promoting the created portals?

    Yes. We have seo optimizers, internet marketers, SMM specialists in our staff. They will develop an omnichannel strategy for promoting your website and bring it to life.

  • Which CMS to choose?

    The answer depends on your goals. If the site is small and you don't plan to upload a lot of user-generated content, a standard system like WordPress will suit you. For large portals, it would be advisable to use a self-written CMS based on php frameworks.

  • How long does it take to develop a portal?

    From the submission of an application to the launch of the site, it can take from several months to a year or more, depending on the amount of work and the pre-launch development base.

  • What guarantees do you provide?

    We conclude a formal contract with the customer, in which we prescribe all our obligations.

  • Will you make a second Wildberries for us (Avito, Delivery Club, ect.)?

    Nothing is impossible. The question is only in the budget and features of a particular market. Any ambitious project requires investment and thorough marketing research.


Application development application

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