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Typically, the TOR for the development of AR consists of the following sections.


General provisions.

Type of application, its goals and objectives. Scheme and rationale for the use of augmented reality.


Hardware and software part.

Devices and operating systems on which the product should run. Software for the implementation of AR.


Visual and functional references.

Examples of projects of competitors of similar subjects.


Product content.

The features that the application provides to users. For game applications - scenarios of interaction with the environment, game design in general.


Visual, interfaces.

Concept art of virtual objects, description of user screens.


Commercial part.

Well-developed methods of product monetization. Payment Methods. Application financial performance targets.


Additional information.

Timing and stages of the project. Integrations with third party services. Marketing information - branding, distribution channels, etc.

Why do you need a technical task

There are several reasons why the TOR for the creation of AR is an integral part of the development.


Clarify the details of the project.

Full mutual understanding of the client and the contractor is the key to the success of the future product on the market. The terms of reference allow you to structure and formalize all the requirements for an application or game so that there are no misunderstandings or inconsistencies at the development stage.


Plan dates.

TOR is especially important for AR projects developed using the Scrum system. The division of the general pool of tasks into sprints with a controlled result of the work is possible only when the final development goals are clearly stated.


Get the budget right.

The terms of reference allows you to more accurately calculate the man-hours required to implement the required functionality of the AR application.


Eliminate critical errors in development.

Improvements and corrections in the late stages of the project inflate the budget. TK helps to minimize such risks.


Take into account the current market situation.

When drawing up the terms of reference, preliminary studies of the market niche and the target audience of the project are carried out.

Stages of development of technical specifications

Writing a technical task for AR can be divided into 5 large stages.


Analytics, forecasting.

Based on the results of market research, we draw up a budget plan and indicate the planned payback period.


Description of the application.

We are preparing a complete list of requirements for the functionality of the future product. We prescribe user scenarios and ways of their technical implementation.



We make the first sketches of interfaces and 3d models in order to more accurately convey the visual concept of the project.


Coordination and launch.

We discuss the TOR with the customer, if necessary, we make changes. After approval, we start work.


Application development application

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