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Creation of technical specifications for the development of browser games takes an average of 1-2 months. The final document includes the following information.


Description of the project.

  • genre - arcade, RPG, PvP battles, strategy, etc.;
  • setting - fantastic, historical, magical, etc.;
  • visual - 2d, 3d graphics or isometry - “pseudo 3d”;
  • goals, objectives of the product launch - financial, brand, reputational.

Technical component.

Versions of operating systems and browsers on which the game should run. Programming languages and frameworks used in the work. Server part calculation.


Description of the gameplay.

The plot and mechanics of the game. Level scripts. Schemes for the development of characters and attributes.



Visual references of competing projects.



Menu and non-game screen layouts.


Commercial calculation.

Forecasting the budget and payback. Choosing a monetization method.


Additional information.

Integration with third-party services, marketing strategy, distribution.

Why do you need a technical task

The terms of reference for browser games perform a number of useful functions.


Minimization of financial risks.

Improvements and corrections that may occur in the case of poorly written TOR always lead to “inflating” the budget.


Compliance of the final product with the customer's expectations.

The terms of reference helps the contractor to clearly understand all the ideas, ideas, goals and objectives of the client.


Accurate planning of project implementation dates.

Breaking the planned development deadlines can negatively affect the customer's business processes. A clear TOR helps the manager of the artist's studio to properly build Scrum processes and provide the client with the results of the project in a timely manner.


Budget forecasting.

Having fully prescribed all the required functionality of the game, you can more accurately plan the necessary amounts for the salaries of employees and other related expenses.


Collaboration on a project.

Direct executors - programmers, designers, managers - can bring new ideas to the development or adjust the initial wishes of the customer, taking into account the available technologies and capabilities.

Stages of development of technical specifications

TOR for the creation of browser games is carried out in several steps.


Analytics, goal setting.

We study the market, competitors, target audience. Based on the results of the study, we set specific tasks, determine performance indicators.


Game design.

We describe the plot of the game, the history of the game world. We generate level scripts. We detail the mechanics and interactions.



We collect references of similar projects, on their basis we create prototypes of visual characters, objects, environments and interfaces.


Technical specification approval, development start.

We finalize and agree on the terms of reference. We transfer the finished TK to work.


Application development application

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