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What is included in the service

Crocoapps studio will prepare TOR for the development of crypto games, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the technical capabilities of the blockchain. The final document includes the following items.


Description of the project.

  • goals, objectives of the game, rationale for connecting the blockchain;
  • genre - RPG, KKI, simulator, etc.;
  • setting, characters;
  • mechanics of using NFT - play-to-earn or pay-to-earn;
  • visual - 2d or 3d graphics.


The blockchain that will run the NFT. Minting platform. Devices and operating systems on which the game will be available.


Game design.

Description of plot and game world. Scenarios for using tokens. Elaboration of the mechanics of the player's interaction with surrounding objects and other users.



A selection of references for characters, objects, scenery. Menu and non-game screen layouts.


Commercial component.

Development budget planning. Calculation of the payback of the project, taking into account the movement of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.


Additional information.

Marketing strategy, initial distribution and planned growth of tokens. Integration of third-party services.

Why do you need a technical task

Terms of reference for the creation of crypto games must be carefully worked out for the following reasons.


Clarification of the nuances of the project.

The customer and the performer must be on the same wavelength in order for the game to turn out exactly the way it was conceived from the very beginning. The terms of reference helps to "make friends" with the customer's ideas with the real possibilities of their implementation.


Error exclusion.

A well-thought-out technical specification saves the customer’s money and saves the contractor’s nerves, because thanks to a high-quality technical task, the risks of bugs and shortcomings in the project are minimized.


Financial planning.

For NFT games, this point is especially important. Here it is necessary not only to calculate the costs of developing the game itself and minting tokens, but also to predict the capitalization of the project in crypto, taking into account rapidly changing exchange rates.


Determining development timelines.

Many of the customer's business plans can be tied to the release date of the game. So in this case, time really is money. The Scrum system helps the manager to set the exact deadlines for all stages of work on the product.


Relationship between gameplay and technology.

The terms of reference for the crypto game clearly state why the game uses NFT technology at all. There are more and more projects in this area; game dev tokens themselves are no longer surprising. The key to the success of a blockchain game is the original mechanics of embedding NFTs in the gameplay.

Stages of development of technical specifications

The terms of reference for crypto games are created in several steps.



We study the situation on the market. We evaluate the potential of the project.


Game design.

We are working on the plot and game mechanics.


Blockchain work.

We prescribe the mechanisms of NFT minting and their binding to objects in the game.



We draw visual prototypes of game elements.


Start to work.

We approve the TOR with the customer, if necessary, we finalize it. Next, we give back-end and front-end programmers to work.


Application development application

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