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ToR for the development of mobile games includes the following sections.


General information about the project.

  • goals and objectives - we formulate the needs of the business, highlight specific indicators that are planned to be implemented using the application;
  • genre - MMORPG, arcade, strategy, simulator, etc.;
  • visual - 2d, 3d, isometric, first or third person view;
  • project functionality.

Devices, technologies.

Operating systems and specific devices on which the game should run. List of software products for development. Server side requirements.



Reference projects of competitors, examples of the implementation of the planned functions.


Description of the gameplay.

The scenario of the game, the logic of the player's interaction with objects and the surrounding world.


Monetization models.

Advertising, sale of in-game items, donation system.


Application interface.

Requirements for non-game screens - menu, authorization form, shop, other sections.


Additional information.

Ways of distribution of the finished product, social interactions, integration of third-party services.

Why you need
technical task

Terms of reference for the creation of mobile games successfully solve a number of production tasks.


Mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor.

In order for the project to turn out exactly the way the client imagines it, it is necessary to clearly formulate all the main provisions and clearly convey them to the performers.


Basis for budget estimation.

The more accurately the TOR is formed, the more accurately the manager will be able to calculate the planned budget at all stages of the game design.


Error exclusion.

If the task is written in insufficient detail, there is a risk of inconsistencies between different stages of development - design, front-end and back-end programming, testing.


The ability to more accurately plan the stages of work on the project.

Most often, mobile games are developed using the Scrum system. The entire process of creating a gaming application is divided into small iterations (or sprints), following which the customer receives a certain result. The initial terms of reference allows you to detail each sprint and objectively plan the time for its implementation.


Participation of narrow specialists at the initial stage of development.

Employees are often involved in writing technical specifications, who will later directly draw or program the game.

Stages of development of technical specifications


Discussion of key issues with the customer.

We discuss the goals of the project. Based on the goals, we form specific tasks. We determine the target audience of the future product. We are working on monetization models together.


Description of functionality.

The main stage in the preparation of technical specifications for mobile games. On it, we formalize all the requirements for the future project, collect them in one document.


Creation of prototypes.

An optional but frequent stage is the drawing of the first prototypes of screens, scenes, scenery.


Approval, launch.

After agreement with the customer, the TOR is transferred to the work of specialists according to the plan drawn up by the project manager.


Application development application

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