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Crocoapps studio takes a responsible approach to the development of games and applications. We write out the terms of reference for the creation of promo games in detail on seven points.


Description of the project.

  • genre - arcade, simulator, puzzle, timekiller, etc.
  • multiplayer or single player mode;
  • visual component - three-dimensional, two-dimensional or isometric graphics;
  • goals and ways of introducing brand elements into the gameplay.

Software, compatibility.

Devices for which the project is being developed - PC, mobile, browsers, touchscreens. Programs and programming languages in which the product will be written.


Game design.

The general plot of the game, scenarios of individual levels. The logic of the player's interaction with the outside world and with other users.



References from finished projects. Concept art of objects, heroes and scenery.



Sketches of the interface and game environment.


Budget and monetization.

Calculation of development costs and plans for the payback of the project. Rationale for ways to monetize.


Additional information.

Non-gaming functionality of the product - user rating, interaction with the company, marketing materials.

Why is a specification needed?

ToR for the development of promotional games provides the following benefits.


Budget savings.

If the customer and the contractor discuss all the details of the project “on the shore” and come to a common opinion, the project will not have to be redone on the go, spending extra money and time of employees.


Timing planning.

With a ready-made TOR, the manager will more accurately draw up a scheme of project sprints, according to which the development will move. At the end of each sprint, the customer is provided with an intermediate result of the work.


Improving the quality of the product.

The more detailed the terms of reference are written, the less likely the developers are to make mistakes in the details of the project or miss the deadlines for its delivery.


Acquaintance of specialists with the project at an early stage.

Programmers and designers can participate in the development of TOR in order to better understand the nuances of the project and fully navigate the situation.


Payback calculation.

Based on the preliminary research carried out when writing the terms of reference, an approximate time frame for the project to become profitable is compiled. This helps the company to optimally build its business processes.

Stages of development of technical specifications

The terms of reference for promotional games are created in several large steps.



We research the market, projects of competitors. We study the target audience of the product promoted with the help of the game.


Description of the gameplay.

We prescribe a user scenario, paying attention to the place of the brand in it. We are considering a system of rewards and motivation for players.


Drawing prototypes.

We create introductory layouts of game scenes and interface screens.


Coordination, start of the main works.

We discuss the TOR with the customer. We make corrections if necessary. After the approval of the TOR, we transfer the project to development.


Application development application

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