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What is included in the service

TOR for the development of computer games consists of the following sections.


Description of the project.

  • genre - RPG, arcade, strategy, shooter, etc.;
  • setting - realism, fantasy, steampunk and other options;
  • modes - single-user, multi-user and/or network;
  • visual part - two-dimensional, three-dimensional or isometric graphics;
  • non-game functionality of the project - integration with services, user ratings, ENT.


Requirements for devices on which the product will run. Supported operating systems. The software with which the development will be carried out. In our studio, most PC projects are created using Unreal Engine.


Game design.

General plot, scenarios for game levels. User interaction with objects, environment and characters.



References from finished projects. Concept art of objects, heroes and scenery.



Menu screens and non-game sections.


Commercial content.

Description of monetization methods, planned development budget and payback forecast.


Additional information.

Marketing tools, ways to enter the market.

Why do we need the terms of reference

TOR for the creation of computer games is developed by the contractor's employees in close cooperation with the customer. It is beneficial to spend time on working out a voluminous, full-fledged TOR for the following reasons.


Don't waste budget.

Clear terms of reference eliminates misunderstanding of tasks by the executor, inconsistencies between different development departments and other production errors.


Meet your expectations.

The customer's initial vision of the project should be exactly the same as what he will get as a result of cooperation with the contractor.


Create a development plan.

In Crocoapps, game projects are developed using the Scrum system. Thanks to a well-thought-out TOR, sprints within this system are completed on time, and the customer receives an intermediate result on time.


Don't blindly start development.

Preliminary market and target audience research gives the client and project manager of the studio an idea of what the project should be like in order to achieve commercial success.


Train specialists.

Programmers and designers can make the necessary changes at the stage of preparing the terms of reference.

Steps in developing terms of reference

The development of a technical task for computer games takes from 1 to 3 months and includes the following steps.



Research a market niche, competitors' projects. Making a forecast.


Gameplay description.

We write the general plot and specific details of the game. We are working on a user motivation system - ratings, awards, achievements, etc.



We prepare visual concepts for game and non-game screens, characters, objects, taking into account competitors' references.


Agreement, development.

We finalize the TOR, approve it, and then we pass it on to programmers, designers and other specialists.


Application development application

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