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What is included in the service

Terms of reference for the creation of the site is a voluminous document, which is developed jointly by the project manager and the customer's representative. The ToR contains the following items.


Description of the project.

  • goals, tasks of the resource;
  • platform type - landing page, online store, portal;
  • directory structure;
  • necessary elements for landing pages - feedback forms, online chats, calculators, etc.;
  • required functionality - integration of the payment system and other third-party services, the ability to generate user content, compare products, etc.;


Resource CMS or frameworks for development. Hosting, domain.



Competitor page design examples.


Project's budget.

Planned man-hours for development. The cost of the software required to create and run the site.


Additional information.

Key performance indicators of the site. Proposed ways to attract traffic. Information about the company owner of the resource.

Why do you need a technical task

TOR for the development of the site helps:


Agree on the vision of the project.

It is important that the client and the contractor have the same understanding of the development tasks and move in the same direction.


Take into account all the requirements and avoid mistakes.

When working on a resource, it is not enough just to think about its appearance and content. It is necessary to pay attention to the server side, SEO parameters, integration opportunities with the necessary services - otherwise, in the future, you will have to spend money on refinement.


Plan your budget correctly.

The more accurately the terms of reference reflect all the required functions of the site, the more accurately the production costs will be calculated.


Synchronize team work.

TK is the basis for building Scrum development processes. According to the Scrum approach, the entire pool of tasks is divided into separate sprints, which are assigned to specific specialists. Thanks to this sequence of actions, the work is carried out clearly on time, and the customer receives intermediate results in a timely manner.


Work based on research.

We write technical specifications, having previously studied the market and search results by topic. This gives us an idea of the features and sections that must be added to the site for successful promotion and high conversion.

Stages of development of technical specifications

We make the terms of reference for the site in 4 main stages.


Audit of competitors.

We study resources in the niche of interest. We make a pivot table.


Description of the project.

We record all information about the company and products. We prescribe the necessary functionality of the future site, taking into account the analysis of competitors and the needs of the target audience.



Based on the references, we draw low-detailed prototypes of landing pages.


Approval and launch.

We coordinate the final document with the customer. In the absence of comments, we transfer the project to the work of designers and programmers.


Application development application

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