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What tasks does a Java developer solve


Mobile Application Development.

Java is often used when creating programs for Android and iOS. The main advantages of the language in this case are object-oriented and cross-platform. A Java programmer can easily optimize his product for different operating systems.


Developing desktop applications.

Java is suitable for implementing enterprise and custom software. This development environment is convenient because the product on it can be easily scaled. Another plus of the language is high data security standards.


Web Application Development.

Many browser-based programs are made in Java. With the help of the servlet specification, Java enables fast and secure client-server communication.


Back-end of programs.

Java development is used to build the internal logic of a digital product - data storage, architecture, load resistance.


Building cloud services.

It is convenient to work with remote servers through Java due to the flexibility of the language and the speed of data processing.

Cooperation options



Creating a program from start to finish. We conduct preliminary research, form the terms of reference, write and test the code. You pay a pre-announced price for the finished product. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to have competencies in the field of Java development and project management - we take care of all the tasks. You only accept the result.


Personnel outstaffing.

We provide you our programmer on time. He performs a certain amount of work on the project. Payment is made at a fixed rate per employee's working hour. This interaction scheme is suitable for companies that have IT resources on staff, but which need to scale up or temporarily close specific positions.


One-time works.

You entrust us with a specific task - integration of the software being developed with an external service, setting up the server side of the application, etc. After the service is provided and the result is accepted, you pay the implementation cost.

Stages of cooperation


Processing the request.

You call us or send us a message describing your development requirements. Together we discuss the details of the project, make a preliminary calculation of the price.


We are recruiting.

We assign employees with sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of Java application development to implement your case.


Performing work.

We form the terms of reference, write the code, organize testing of the finished product.

Java developer service cost

The final price of the work is calculated individually and consists of the following factors:

  • volume and level of complexity of the assigned tasks;
  • urgency of execution;
  • interaction format;
  • hourly rate of specialists.

The price of an outsourced or outstaffed Java developer will in any case be lower than the salary of a full-time specialist, due to tax savings and the absence of many indirect costs.
For more information, please contact our manager. He will make a detailed estimate with the rationale for each item.


  • Do you provide guarantees for your services?

    All rights and obligations of the parties are prescribed in a formal contract. Separately, we draw up a document on the confidentiality of commercial information.

  • What is the benefit of outstaff for the customer?

    You can get the amount of work that you need at the moment at any time and pay the appropriate price for it.

  • Do I retain copyright for the developed program?

    Yes, after the release, the rights to the software and its components are transferred to the client.

  • Is Java programming more profitable than other languages?

    The answer depends on what you plan to create. For cross-platform applications, Java is one of the best solutions. Ordinary corporate sites are best done on frameworks from other environments.


Application development application

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