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What tasks does a php developer solve


Creating websites.

We make resources on ready-made CMS (WordPress, Bitrix, etc.), frameworks, self-written control systems. We introduce all the necessary elements: feedback forms, online payment, price calculators, etc.
The php language is universal - it can be used to build both a small presentation site and a large online store. The release of the product will not take much time, since enough modules and plugins have already been written in php, customizable for specific needs.


Php-development of corporate portals.

We solve internal business problems through the implementation of a working web space. We connect tools with which you can generate and store documents, maintain a client database, draw up reports, communicate with employees or clients.


Script writing.

Execution of individual functions for websites and online services.


Customization of websites.

We modernize resources created by third-party php programmers. We provide technical support.


Creating web applications.

We think over and implement the logic of work, as well as the architecture of the server part for complex portals: CRM systems, email clients, browser games.

Cooperation options


Outsource php web development.

We make a turnkey website or service for you. You pay a fixed, pre-calculated price. All stages of project execution remain under our responsibility. You participate in the development as much as you see fit and possible.
Pros for the customer: quick start, saving internal resources.



Our employees are coming under your leadership. You set tasks for them and pay for the hours worked after the fact. The creation of the site is fully controlled by the managers on your side.
Pros for the customer: the ability to expand and strengthen your own team of programmers, cost reduction, work transparency.


Technical support.

We monitor the performance of the site, make the necessary changes, update the CMS versions. Financial calculation is carried out for the man-hours spent on resource maintenance.
Pros for the customer: no need to keep IT-specialists on staff just for the sake of the site.

Stages of cooperation


Introducing the project.

Accept your application, organize an online or offline meeting. We conduct preliminary research of the market and the target audience of the product. Based on the information collected, we form an estimate.


Highlighting employees.

We select PHP web developers with the appropriate level of language knowledge.


Working on a project.

We write code, set up modules, integrate external services. We optimize the performance of the resource.

Price for php programmer services

The cost of creating a site is calculated individually. Here are the main factors that affect the final amount:

  • project scope;
  • planned functions, complexity of their implementation;
  • development basis - CMS and frameworks;
  • site theme;
  • order of cooperation;
  • additional work - optimization for search engines, installing plugins, etc.

The average rate of a specialist is 2000 R/h. To find out the exact cost of website development in php, contact our manager.


  • How to choose a CMS to create a website?

    First of all, you need to focus on the type of resource and the intended functionality. For an online store, WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin is suitable, and for a ticket ordering service, it is better to use your own developments based on frameworks. Landings are more often made on special constructors like Tilda.

  • What are the advantages of outstaff?

    With this type of collaboration, you can quickly scale your own development department. In addition, any outstaff programmer can be quickly replaced by another without interrupting work on the project.

  • Why php is the best option?

    Due to the cross-platform and standardization of the language, the development of applications in php is fast and without any problems. Another important advantage of the system is security.


Application development application

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