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Advantages of CRM BITRIX24
in comparison with other systems


Wide functionality.

Software from Bitrix affects all operational processes in the company. The installed CRM will not be used by a specific department, but by the entire enterprise.



Boxed Bitrix24 allows you to integrate self-written modules and third-party programs into the system.


Constant updates.

The developer annually introduces new versions of the product with enhanced business opportunities.


Flexible tariff scale.

Bitrix provides several tariff plans with a different set of functions, including a free one.


Ability to integrate with 1C.

CRM easily links to popular accounting and planning software.

What problems does Bitrix24 solve?

You need a CRM if you regularly encounter the following situations:

  • leads are lost due to the lack of a systematic approach to customer management;
  • tasks are not completed on time;
  • important documents are stored in different places, they have to be searched for a long time;
  • employees spend too much time on routine tasks;
  • it is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of departments and individual managers due to the lack of a standardized reporting system;
  • there is no possibility for analytics of the channels through which leads come.

The right management system deprives the business of such problems.
Here are just the main tasks covered by the implementation of Bitrix24:

  • internal communications within the company;
  • customer base management;
  • setting, control and acceptance of tasks;
  • marketing support - websites, integration with advertising services, online consultants, etc.;
  • IP-telephony with the ability to record calls;
  • automation of business processes;
  • building a sales funnel;
  • accounting of employees' working time;
  • storage of documents and work files.

Integration cost

The Bitrix24 implementation price consists of the following factors:

  • system version - cloud or boxed;
  • selected tariff;
  • the volume and complexity of the necessary improvements;
  • additional services - telephony implementation, analytics setup, employee training, etc.;
  • the urgency of the work.

The range of prices is quite wide - from 5,000 rubles to a million or more. Our manager will tell you more about the current tariffs and rates at a face-to-face or online consultation.

Technical support and maintenance

The boxed version of Bitrix24 can be improved without problems at any time after launch. As part of technical support, our team will introduce new modules into the finished product, optimize the servers, and resolve all issues that arise during the operation of CRM. We will also train employees to use the system and explain all the subtleties of the interface.

Why you need to contact us for Bitrix24 support:

  • the manager always promptly responds to your requests;
  • communication is conducted in a format convenient for you - instant messengers, phone calls, e-mail;
  • tariffs remain profitable due to cost optimization.

Stages of implementation of the Bitrix24 system


Acquaintance with the project, analytics.

We are processing an incoming request. We organize negotiations to clarify the details of the project. We study the client's business processes, analyze the goals of implementing CRM.
When developing a management system, it is important to identify KPIs. The cost of modernization should pay off in the foreseeable future and bring additional profit to the company in the future.


Searching of decisions.

We select the tariff and the necessary modules to solve the tasks. We are planning third-party integrations.
We coordinate the final proposal in detail with the customer in order to eliminate all possible misunderstandings at the start of the project.


Writing a technical task.

We prescribe specific development tasks and form sprints from them. We set deadlines for the completion of works.
We run Scrum projects. This approach to planning involves the regular provision of intermediate results to the customer and constant quality control of the product being created on both sides.



We install the system, write modules. Setting up automated business processes. We optimize the server part when installing the boxed version.
All Bitrix CRM elements are customizable - from the interface and internal functions to the speed of data processing.


Implementation of Bitrix24 in the company.

We provide employee training. We provide technical support.
We do not abandon our clients and are ready to answer any questions that arise at any time.

Question answer

  • How many users can be in the system?

    The specific number depends on the tariff. The free version assumes an unlimited number of connected employees, but it significantly cuts down on the available functionality. Paid tariffs with advanced features allow you to add from 5 to 10,000 users to the system.

  • How long does implementation take?

    It can take several months to set up the boxed software. Cloud CRM is deploying faster.

  • What is the difference between a boxed CRM and a cloud version?

    Implementation of the boxed version of Bitrix24 means installing the program on the customer's servers. “Boxes” are easily upgraded and modified to meet the needs of the company. The cloud system is a web application stored on the provider's servers. It is a finished product with a defined and unchanged feature set.

  • Do you ensure the confidentiality of commercial information?

    Yes, we sign an NDA non-disclosure agreement.

  • How quickly will CRM pay off?

    The more “neglected” the situation in the company was before the start of the project, the faster the effect of the launch of a new management system will manifest itself. But in any case, it will take time before the first results appear. On average - 3-5 months.

  • What if Bitrix doesn't suit me?

    Bitrix24 CRM is a universal business tool. It will be useful both for small companies for 5 people, and for large corporations with a large number of branches. Some functions of the system are applicable even for non-profit organizations.


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